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Market Share with Kim Nichols. Click to play video.

Market Share With Kim Nichols - Tapping into Home Equity Opportunities

In this series, Kim Nichols, Chief TPO Production Officer, breaks down industry topics and shares key market updates. Watch the latest video to learn why now is the perfect time to initiate the Home Equity Loan conversation with your clients. Uncover effective strategies for discussing this product and explore the tools at your disposal to seamlessly demonstrate the potential savings of Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans.

In the Know With TPO

Every Friday, Pennymac experts provide quick, digestible topics, ranging from our tech, products and programs to tips and updates on GSE changes. Don’t miss a weekly video, and follow PENNYMAC TPO on LinkedIn to stay connected.

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    Quick CD Approvals With a Single Tap or Click
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    Join Our POWER+ Zoom Room
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    Introducing HELP+
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    Happy New Year From Our Team
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    Work with the #1 FHA Lender
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    How we help more customers achieve homeownership
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    Perfect solutions for your borrowers’ unique needs
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    Experience a Streamlined Conditions Process
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    Access to underwriters
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    Greater Fee Accuracy and Control with Disclosures
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    Less Documentation Required for Condos
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    Tips for Calculating Self-Employed Income
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    Accelerate the Loan Process at Every Step with POWER+
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    Speak with a Pennymac Underwriter
  • In the Know With Emily Warring
    The Rise of a New Generation of Homebuyers

Committed to Your Success

Pennymac TPO is a Top 3 Wholesale Lender you can count on. From expert support to advanced technology and comprehensive resources to grow your business. We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible, which has led us to achieve great industry accomplishments.

Hear from Our TPO Partners

  • "Working with your team is effortless and an absolute pleasure."

    Samantha P. | California | Broker Partner

  • "Pennymac is hands down my favorite!"

    Mara M. | Oregon | Broker Partner

  • "I can’t say enough about the exceptional experience. I submitted a purchase file and we were CTC in 11 days!"

    Ken S. | Illinois | Broker Partner

  • "The quality of Pennymac’s support is unsurpassed. It has been an incredible pleasure to work with them"

    Michael G. | Florida | Broker Partner

  • "What a great sales team to work with! They were involved every step of the way and made the process simple!"

    Raisa F. | California | Broker Partner

  • "Love working with Pennymac! The portal was easy and very fast! I would totally work with them again."

    Karessa S. | Illinois | Broker Processor Partner

  • "I couldn't be happier with the process and experience we received from Pennymac"

    Von F. | Arizona | Broker Partner

  • "Thank you guys for all your extra efforts on this tough file! The clients were literally in tears of happiness at the closing today! "

    Kevin O. | Minnesota | Broker Partner

  • "Your team did a great job. Straight forward conditions. Fast. I only have good things to say about Pennymac."

    Tom T. | California | Broker Partner

  • "I value the strong partnership we have built, and it has become a testament to the trust I have in Pennymac. The exceptional service I receive from your team is why I recommend other brokers to work with Pennymac."

    Ilia Y. | Arizona | Broker Partner

  • "Thank you Pennymac Team for your help and guidance on this very challenging transaction. I appreciate all your help to make it to the finish line."

    Christy M. | Texas | Broker Partner

  • "Thank you to my AE, Ops manager, and the Pennymac Underwriting Team for all working together to keep a very difficult scenario moving forward"

    Michael S. | Arizona | Broker Partner

  • "I love it, the process is super fast and very easy to navigate."

    Ramon D. | California | Broker Processor Partner

  • "I truly appreciate how quick and helpful the Pennymac team is and the support they provide!"

    Bianca A. | Utah | Broker Partner

  • "Super impressed with the speed of the approval, and the very limited conditions!"

    Kandace L. | Minnesota | Broker Partner

  • "Thanks to my AE for his excellent support on my recent loan. He facilitated a smooth loan process for my borrowers. It is a pleasure to work with Pennymac TPO."

    LI H. | California | Broker Partner

  • "I am thrilled with the underwriting process at Pennymac!"

    Jeremiah R. | Minnesota | Broker Partner

  • "Thank you to my Pennymac team for helping get my loans to the finish line so quickly!"

    –Fawzia K. | California | Broker Partner

  • "My team at Pennymac has been incredibly kind, patient and EXTREMELY helpful to me. What amazing people you have!"

    Michael S. | Pennsylvania | Broker Partner

  • "Both my AE and inside team are reachable so our customers get responses fast. It has been a breath of fresh air working with the Pennymac team."

    Desmond C. | Arizona | Broker Partner

  • "I find it comforting to know that when I call my team at Pennymac, I can get the assistance I need."

    Emily W. | California | Broker Partner

  • "A BIG thank you to my Pennymac team. This was not an easy file, and they stayed calm, confident, and positive throughout the whole process."

    Michael S. | Arizona | Broker Processor Partner

  • "The level of support and care I receive from my AE and their team are truly commendable."

    Ilia Y. | Arizona | Broker Partner

  • "Pennymac has wonderful support. I feel like I have a whole team assisting me."

    Julia M. | North Carolina | Broker Partner

Our People Bring It Home

Powered by advanced technology, Pennymac people bring it home for our partners. Our experts are there to guide you and move your loans from lock to disclosures, through underwriting, all the way to closing and funding.

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Advanced Technology

POWER+ by Pennymac TPO, our broker portal provides you with speed, transparency and control over the mortgage process. Learn more

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Pennymac’s Non-Delegated program offers best-in-class client experience and technology to ensure a seamless experience from initial review to loan purchase. Our P3 portal is easy to use and provides tools and support for a consistent loan experience.

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Exclusive Programs

Stay competitive with flexible solutions, find that pricing sweet spot and start delivering savings to your borrowers

Perfect Rate & Perfect Term

  • Tailor rates to the thousandth. Instead of .8%, price at .767% or .799%.
  • Customize the term to the exact month. Instead of 360 months, make it 299 months.
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  • Industry-leading competitive MI rates
  • Proprietary tool that automatically searches best-execution MI rates from our negotiated provider options
  • Includes BPMI and LPMI options
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Peak Performance*

  • Complimentary rate lock extensions
  • Relock fee waivers
  • Float downs

*Available with eligible program status

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